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Why is changing locks on a new house so important?

      Research from mortgage broker Ocean Finance has found that 58 per cent of people don't change the locks when they move into a new house. Everyone talks about making a new house your own, by stripping out old wallpaper, replacing floral curtains and replacing light fixtures and fittings. Updating the security is often overlooked of these more exciting, aesthetic updates.

      If you have just moved house you are almost twice as likely to be burgled. Top1 locksmiths strongly recommend changing your locks for your family’s safety and you can feel safe and secure when you lay down your head at night. Changing the locks on your front and back door should be one of the first things you do!!! Buying a house is maybe the largest purchase what you’ll ever make, so spending a few extra pounds just for the peace of mind of knowing who has a key to it seems sensible. TOP1 Wakefield locksmiths seen that so many people seem prepared to take it on trust that the vendors and estate agents have given all the copies of the keys

Some key considerations to make:

  • Has the property ever been rented?

  • Do you know many previous occupants your home has had?

  • When anyone ever given a set of keys to a tradesman?

  • When were the window locks last changed?

  • Has the property ever been looked after by a third party?

      However, unless you knew and trusted the previous tenants it is unlikely that you will know exactly how many sets of keys were cut. Many people create a spare copies of their keys, so it's possible they gave to trusted family members, friends, neighborhood etc. That's mean if your home's locks haven't been changed then anyone can easy break in your house and you might never feel completely safe in your home. You never know how many keys there are in circulation.

      If you are moving into new RENTED accommodation, you should be able to change the locks if you are worried about previous tenants having access to your home. ONLY 10% of landlord's do change the locks on properties between tenancies. Top1 Wakefield locksmiths advice to check your tenancy agreement to see if you are allowed to change locks.

     Furthermore, if you were to be broken into and possessions damaged or stolen your insurance claim may be void, as some insurance companies will state that if you have not changed the locks on moving house then you have not done enough to secure your property and prevent a burglary. Most insurance policies state your locks must confirm to the British Standard. If this isn't the case, it's another vitally important reason to change them. This is particularly relevant for older properties.

      If you recently bought a new house and you live in West Yorkshire (Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Dewsbury, Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract, Castleford) then you can hire a TOP1 Wakefield locksmiths. We are providing the lock change, installation of locks, windows, including garage doors, gates etc. Give us a call at 07598426734. We would be happy to help!!!